Demonstration Experiences

Demonstration Experiences offered small cohort rotations across six Copia Hestan Kitchens for on-trend culinary immersions, discussions and hands-on skills training.

Pacific Rim Fusion Cuisine

Presented by: Chef Tom Griffiths

About the Session

Explore Pacific Rim Fusion with Chef Tom Griffiths as he utilizes different cooking techniques from the Pacific Rim to explore underutilized fish for texture and flavor. Chef Griffiths will pair emerging flavors of the Pacific Rim with less popular fish, such as alewives, sardines, smelt, bluefish, dogfish and a variety of sea greens. Pacific Rim Fusion cuisine is often fresh and flavorful, using local fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, and plenty of the aforementioned seafood.

Southeast Asian Cuisine

Presented by: Chef Junnie Lai

About the Session

Today the world is recognizing the vibrant flavors and expert culinary techniques found throughout Southeast Asia. Chef Junnie Lai will take us on a journey to discover Dim Sum, one of the most popular foods in Asia. Discover the many varieties in this flavorful adventure. You will learn the perfect techniques to create the dough and fillings utilizing flavors from Southeast Asia. Each attendee will learn Chef Junnie Lai’s “secret” ingredient to making amazing Southeast Asian cuisine.

Latin American Cuisine

Presented by: Chef RJ Harvey

About the Session

Latin America is a highly diverse area that brings together unique spices and techniques to create distinctive flavors. Take a ride with Chef RJ Harvey from Potatoes USA who will show innovative and traditional techniques to create flavor forward Latin American cuisine. From tamales to chilaquiles, learn the valuable skills to creating amazing dishes utilizing the spices and flavors of Latin America.

This session is sponsored by Potatoes USA.

Norwegian Cuisine

Presented by: Chef John Livera

About the Session

When it comes to both the cuisine and culture of Norway, seafood is key. Norway is situated where the warm Gulf Stream and cold Arctic waters meet to create the ideal mix of currents and temperatures to support a variety of fish and shellfish. The natural landscape including mountains, crystal-clear fjords and vast coastline creates the perfect home for some of the world’s most popular seafood species including: salmon, cod, steelhead trout, haddock, mackerel, red king crab and bacalao.

Join Chef John Livera as he brings a Nordic feast to life through an innovative demonstration and educational session highlighting unique and authentic flavors of Scandinavian cuisine starring sustainable seafood from Norway.

Through a few simplified techniques, the dishes prepared will capture the heart of Norwegian food culture while merging today’s trending flavors that appeal to the American palate. Chef John will showcase how simple techniques, clean food and new menu items that require minimal effort, can be used across all dayparts and can result in increased customer satisfaction.

As part of this session, you’ll learn more about the benefits of sustainably-farmed salmon, diverse menu possibilities with seafood from Norway and key culinary tips related to the preparation and usage of seafood.

This session is sponsored by the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Indian Street Food Cuisine

Presented by: Samir Amin Ph.D.

About the Session

Indian street food is considered by some to be the hidden gem of Indian cuisine. Major cities in India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai boast amazing street food dishes. Samir Amin, PhD will take participants on a culinary tour of the flavors and aromas amongst the bustling streets of India to prepare and try some of the most popular and lesser known street eats and delectable snacks. Participants will learn about the variety of regional Indian cuisine, US demand for ethnic cuisine, authentic spices, chutneys, curries as well as street food recipes.

Northern California Cuisine – Artisanal Bread Making

Presented by: Chef Michael Kalanty

About the Session

The newest, trendiest way to make deliciously nutritious breads turns out to be the oldest one known to Man – Sourdough Breads with Natural Yeast Starter!

This session visits each phase of the sourdough bread process from starting your own Starter to baking beautiful breads. Learn how modifying the kneading and shaping techniques delivers different textures to your bread.  There’s a sensory evaluation session with vertical tasting of regional breads to focus on the flavor profiles different sourdough systems can deliver. Take your bread palate on an evolutionary journey from Gold Rush San Francisco Sourdough to current styles using fermented porridges and whole-ground grains.

At the conclusion of this session, you’ll be able to:

- Explain the primary function of each phase of the sourdough bread process and how it affects your end product
- Make and maintain your own Sour Starter
- Make and ferment different levains, or builds, from the starter in order to deliver different flavor profiles to your products
- Using Chef’s patented Aroma & Flavor Wheel for Bread, recognize and describe sensory notes from the crust and the mie (interior)
- Make informed ingredient choices for flours to achieve your product’s ideal texture
- Receive some of Chef Kalanty’s 25-year old Organic Sour Starter (from the International Sourdough Library in Belgium) to quickly put into practice your new skills

Innovation Lectures

Innovation Lectures will featured recognized culinary innovation experts offering presentations on trends, practices and applications.

The Joy of Wine

Presented by: Alan Cannon

About the Session

As of February 2019, there are 10,043 US wineries. California is the largest wine producing state with 4,425 wineries, producing 85% of domestic wines. The total dollar value of the US wine market in 2018 was $70.5 billion, with $23.3 billion (33%) derived from imported wine (Wines & Vines Analytics, 2019).

Join Alan Cannon, Rombauer Vineyard’s Director of Wine Education for an appellation tasting. Participants will taste through five wines from five unique growing regions within California. This look behind the scenes provides guests an opportunity to enjoy Rombauer’s critically lauded wines while learning about the family-owned winery and its long history in Napa Valley. Participants will learn about styles of wine, California appellations and the optimal wine growing climate and flavor profiles.

Established in 1980, Rombauer Vineyards produces distinctive wines crafted to bring joy to the table. Our winery was founded by Koerner and Joan Rombauer, whose appreciation for wine and the pleasure it brings stems from Koerner’s great-aunt Irma Rombauer, author of the internationally renowned Joy of Cooking. We embrace traditional and cutting-edge practices in the winery and in our sustainably farmed vineyards.

This session is sponsored by Rombauer Vineyards.

Reinventing the French Fry: Innovation in Food Development

Presented by: Lynda Cabrales, Ph.D.Chef Ron Oypd, CEC and Chef Mark L Slutzky 

About the Session

Items like speciality fries are spiking on appetizer menus as operators repurpose ingredients to boost profits. Journey into McCain Foods’ global launch of McCain® Dip ‘n Wedges™, a unique ridged V-shaped French fry product. In this session, participants will learn about McCain’s philosophy for driving growth through innovation, Stage-Gate best practices and consumer and operator insights. The discussion will highlight the impact of technology on concept development and global appeal and offer ideas on how to solve your own product innovations. This lecture will include group discussion and product sampling.

This session is sponsored by McCain Foods.

REAL Eggs Make a REAL Difference

Presented by: Elisa Maloberti and Chef Emily Munday

About the Session

Let’s face it, there's lots of margin pressure to alter the ingredient mix in your products. But should you? This session examines how REAL Eggs resonate with consumers and formulators as an unequaled functional ingredient. Product development experts from CuliNex and the American Egg Board will discuss and demonstrate the superior performance of eggs, as a functional ingredient providing formulations with structure, quality, freshness and taste. You’ll also hear consumer research results supporting the use of simple, well-recognized understood ingredients in formulations.

This session is sponsored by the American Egg Board.