Demonstration Experiences

Demonstration Experiences offer small cohort rotations across six Copia Hestan Kitchens for on-trend culinary immersions, discussions and hands-on skills training.

Pacific Rim Fusion Cuisine

Presented by: Chef Tom Griffiths

About the Session

Explore Pacific Rim Fusion with Chef Tom Griffiths as he utilizes different cooking techniques from the Pacific Rim to explore underutilized fish for texture and flavor. Chef Griffiths will pair emerging flavors of the Pacific Rim with less popular fish, such as alewives, sardines, smelt, bluefish, dogfish and a variety of sea greens. Pacific Rim Fusion cuisine is often fresh and flavorful, using local fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, and plenty of the aforementioned seafood.

Southeast Asian Cuisine

Presented by: Chef Junnie Lai

About the Session

Today the world is recognizing the vibrant flavors and expert culinary techniques found throughout Southeast Asia.  Chef Junnie Lai will take us on a journey to discover Dim Sum, one of the most popular foods in Asia.  Discover the many varieties in this flavorful adventure.  You will learn the perfect techniques to create the dough and fillings utilizing flavors from Southeast Asia.  Each attendee will learn Chef Junnie Lai’s “secret” ingredient to making amazing Southeast Asian cuisine.

Latin American Cuisine

Presented by: Chef RJ Harvey

About the Session

Latin America is a highly diverse area that brings together unique spices and techniques to create distinctive flavors.  Take a ride with Chef RJ Harvey from Potatoes USA who will show innovative and traditional techniques to create flavor forward Latin American cuisine.  From Tamales to Chilquiles, learn the valuable skills to creating amazing dishes utilizing the spices and flavors of Latin America.

Innovation Lectures

Innovation Lectures will feature recognized culinary innovation experts offering presentations on trends, practices and applications.